Why Getting A Driver Education Is So Important?

Every teenager dream of getting their license and driving their friends around town. You want to make sure that your child will have the proper training. Driver education courses are offered at almost every high school in the United States. These courses are designed to teach each student the correct way to drive and what the laws of their state are.

Drivers education programs are required by law teach teenagers how to drive. These courses give the new driver the needed tools to understand the rules of the road. A driver must understand what the rules are in order to drive safely.

Driver education is not teaching the child to turn the car on. There are many different aspects to driving the need to be taught. Driving education courses teach the driver judgment, common sense and defensive driving.

Driver education courses teach our children important factors about driving in all sorts of different weather. Winter and rainy weather are dangerous for even the most seasoned driver; a first time driver needs to be prepared. Driver courses can also teach a student how to avoid getting in accidents and how to drive in congested areas.

Driver education classes cover all aspects of driving from parking on a hill to deer crossing safety. These are all things that the driver needs to know. The instructor will also pass out driver manuals for the student to study when he or she is not in class. Since the inception of driver education classes in schools, the number of accidents involving teenage driving has been drastically reduced.

The law for student driver vary from state to state that driving courses must obey.

The most common rule that is in effect in almost every state is the 30:6 training method. It is very simple, 30 hours of classroom time learning the rules and laws, and 6 hours of driving time. Most of the time, the driving instructor will require more additional driving time.

Although teenagers look forward to drivers ed, when they are actually in the class, they find it very stressful. Some teenager will wait until they turn the legal age in their state to bypass having to take the classes. However, this is not recommended because the classroom time is needed to really understand the concept of driving.

Driver Education Programs

There are different types of driver education programs. Each driver education program was developed to ease you into different facets of driving.

The primary courses focus on obtaining a learners permit and taking the drivers test to get your license. You can also sign up for defensive driving courses, which is crucial for a teenager because it teaches them safe driving habits. This course is only available in classroom courses.

Another type of driver education course teaches the correct way to drive larger motor vehicles such as school buses and trucks. A special license called a CDL is needed to operate these types of vehicles.

Motorcycles also require a special license and educational classes are offered in every state.

For those brave parents who choose to teach their teenagers how to drive, there is Driver Ed in a box. These boxes contain instruction for parents on how to teach their teenager how to drive safely. The tools in this box teach safe driving habits through a series of seventeen videos, audiotapes, a student workbook, textbook and a parent companion and even training mirrors.

Online Education

There are two different aspects to teaching drivers education. The first part is to learn the rules of the road including safe driving habits. This is done through reading textbooks and taking written tests. The second part is to actually get out on the road and drive. Both of these are equally critical to know.

The first part of the training is where you get most of your knowledge. It is important that you understand it completely before you start your road training. In the past, if a student driver did not understand or it took longer for them to pass their tests, the student would end up repeating the course.

Today, there are online drivers educational courses that assist the student on learning these crucial lessons. This option is sought after because the student may have a lot of study or has to work. They can study at their own pace, and on their own time.

There are a number of different driver educational courses available today. They allow you to learn at your own pace, ensuring that when you take the test; you will pass and become a safe driver. However it is critical that you make sure that the driver educational classes that you take are DMV (department of motor vehicle) approved.


In most states, the law requires that a teenager complete drivers ed in order to obtain their license. This will almost always include classroom time and road time. For parents who choose to teach their teenagers how to drive, there are special tools available to assist them in promoting safe driving habits.

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